AQUALITE for drinking water

Aqualite™ is an excellent solution for treating fresh water from natural sources.

Aqualite™ is an excellent choice to produce drinking water from natural fresh waters. This material is particularly suitable for the purification of waters which slightly exceeds the standards, and which have, for example, a slightly higher ammonium content or heavy metals in cationic form. Thus, Aqualite™ avoids using expensive and complex techniques such as membranes (micro-, ultra—, nano-filtration).

If these techniques prove to be necessary because of the specificity of a water, then Aqualite™ can be used upstream of the membranes in order to treat the water as much as possible and to reduce membrane maintenance operations and exploitation costs.

One of the remarkable applications of Aqualite™ is the removal of iron and manganese from underground water. Aqualite™ is able to eliminate iron and manganese concentrations up to 3.0 ppm and 0.7 ppm, respectively, levels below mosi standards.

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The entire Aqualite ™ water purification process is completely chemical free. Water purified with Aqualite™ meets the quality requirements of the WHO regulations for drinking water.