UV transmittance is significantly improved

Aqualite™ removes particles down to 10 microns from water dedicated to irrigation in agriculture. In comparison, typical sand filters can only remove particles down to 50 microns. Insofar as the filtration is more efficient, the water is clearer, so the UV rays are more effective. A higher level of disinfection is achieved while consuming less energy.

The best guarantee of food safety - effective sterilization

More and more local cultivation relies on greenhouse and hydroponic systems, and the safety of irrigation water is an important part of food safety control. Filtration of irrigation water with Aqualite™ has been documented to reduce bacteria, viruses and fungi in water by 44% to 98%. Bacteria are retained by the Aqualite™ bed filter since they are mainly located on the suspended matters.

Improve water hardness

Water that contains large amounts of dissolved calcium or magnesium salts, or both, is described as “hard water.” Other cations such as iron, manganese, aluminum and zinc also contribute to hardness. Hardness does not directly affect plants, but the hardness can affect the soil and thus have an indirect effect on plant growth. During the water treatment process, Aqualite™ can greatly decrease the hardness of the water, which benefits the growth of plants.