AQUALITE for swimming pool water

Aqualite™ maximises water quality and significantly reduces the costs of pool water maintenance.

As a 100% natural product, Aqualite™ is an excellent filter media for the treatment of swimming pool water. It is used as a replacement for sand in filters. With Aqualite™, filtration efficiencies close to 10 microns can be achieved without the use of flocculants, compared to the 40-60 microns of sand.

This exceptional filtration performance is due to the structure and shape of Aqualite™, which provides better adhesion to the particles in the pool water than sand.

Aqualite™ can remove ammonia brought by swimmers (organic matter of the nitrogen type: sweat, mucus, urine, etc.) and greatly reduces the presence of chloramines by simply preventing their formation.

The use of Aqualite™ therefore reduces shock treatments, chlorine consumption and reduces filter maintenance. With Aqualite™ , chlorine is no longer blocked by ammonia, it can again act as a disinfectant and anti-alga! No need to overdose on chlorine to fight against microbes, nor shock treatments based on copper or quaternary ammonium to eliminate algae.

The reduction of nitrogenous and organic nutrients in the water allows a better balance to be achieved and thus reduces the overall chemical requirements. This comfort is highly appreciated by swimmers and professionals.


Although Aqualite™ is more expensive than sand, the savings made on a private or public swimming pool can reach up to 46% over 5 years by combining the main expenses related to water treatment  (excluding energy) including the purchase of filter material.

Aqualite™ is a solution in accordance with a sustainable development approach. By using it, everyone makes a significant gesture for the protection of the environment.

Aqualite™ is compatible with the main water treatment products: organic chlorine, hypochlorites, salt electrolysis, bromine but not with metal based chemicals (copper, silver, etc)


  • A 25 kg bag of Aqualite™ is equivalent to approximately 40 kg of sand.
  • The low density of Aqualite™ compared to sand, drastically reduces the energy required for filtration.
  • The filter media is lighter and therefore easier to backwash, reducing the frequency of filter cleaning and reducing the water consumption required for flushing (up to 50 %).
  • Enhanced adsorption of contaminants, capable of capturing particles as small as 10 microns, while sand can only capture a minimum of 40 microns.
  • Removal of ammonia from water increases chlorination efficiency, ie reduces the amount of chlorine required to treat pool water by up to 30%.
  • Controls malodorous volatiles (chloramines).